Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Way I Am

What the???

I just came across some funny pictures that we took in California:0)
How the heck did he do that?

Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? This was one of those times for me. Poor little guy!
Yep that's a real person...
This guy was just walking down the street...

My Pilot:)

Many years ago I lived beside a small airport when Lee and I were dating. He had dreamed of being a pilot ever since he was a little boy, so he started taking lessons and became a private pilot. Well 10 years later Lee decided he would like to get paid for this sweet hobby;) He is in Texas right now and taking his final commercial checkride tomorrow...it's kind-of-a-big-deal so I wanted to share and to tell him how proud we are. No doubt you will do great!!! xoxo

.Go Daddy!!!

He is so talented! Plays the piano {fabulous} ...sings....

Most importantly an amazing dad and husband. I'm so grateful for everything we have together.

Miss and love you,


Branding & Logo

Working on branding & new logo with the help of a former Tracy bride, Andrea DePompei:) Andrea thank you for all your hard work, they are all so beautiful it's been hard to narrow down. Please help me choose! I need a favor from all my blog readers:) Please leave a comment or shoot me an email email@picturesbytracy.com with your favorite logo. Thanks guys!!!

{added Feb. 13th}
Thanks for all the emails & blog comments. This is hard so I really love the feed back. I keep going back to the brown and pink berry logo so I played with it a little and came up with this...

And a logo for my new Blush Boudoir {coming soon}

Do you need help with your company logo? Andrea is a talented graphic designer and would love to hear from you!!! adepompei@gmail.com

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