Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Pilot:)

Many years ago I lived beside a small airport when Lee and I were dating. He had dreamed of being a pilot ever since he was a little boy, so he started taking lessons and became a private pilot. Well 10 years later Lee decided he would like to get paid for this sweet hobby;) He is in Texas right now and taking his final commercial checkride tomorrow...it's kind-of-a-big-deal so I wanted to share and to tell him how proud we are. No doubt you will do great!!! xoxo

.Go Daddy!!!

He is so talented! Plays the piano {fabulous} ...sings....

Most importantly an amazing dad and husband. I'm so grateful for everything we have together.

Miss and love you,



Anonymous said...

Good for Lee, that is so exciting!! He is such a stud in these pics :) Well I hope that your New Year is going well and let us know if you ever need anything :) (ie. Shannon to assist-ha ha)

Love Amanda and Shannon

ackermanimaging.com said...

That is so awesome!!

PicturesByTracy.com said...

Thanks guys!

YEAH!!!He passed! We are hoping that he gets on with an airline this summer.

Shannon & Amanda you know I'd love to have you come with me! I'll shoot you an email:)

Camille I can't wait to see ya Saturday!!!