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Vintage Shoot Part 2- PinMeUpCouture ETSY








Vintage Shoot- PicturesbyTracy & PinMeUpCouture

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Katie and Mike {Engagement Session} PicturesbyTracy Dayton Ohio Photographer

Had a wonderful engagement session with Katie and Mike a few weeks ago. They are such a fun and down-to-earth couple, and let me tell you, I can't wait for their wedding this October in Oxford! I'm also photographing her sister's wedding this weekend, and looking forward it! Two wonderful sisters...i'm so lucky.






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Giveaway Part 2: PicturesbyTracy Dayton Ohio

I seriously cannot stop thinking about all the beautiful stories I received, so many deserving ladies. I've decided to choose 2 runner-ups:)

* Julie Cook ....

My name is Amber Cohen and I would like to nominate my sister, Julie Cook, to be a Blush supermodel for the day. My sister is 36 years old and has never truly realized how beautiful she is. I would love to see her comfortable with herself, in her own skin, with who she is. To me she is amazingly beautiful and anyone who knows her sees it too. She is one of the most amazing, giving people I have ever met. She had difficulties conceiving and then was fortunate to give birth to twins, twice. Her first pregnancy was very stressful when she realized at 4 months along that there was an abnormality with her daughter. At birth, they tried to save her, but she passed away at two weeks. My sister and her husband survived this ordeal and cared for their surviving son. She continued to give birth to twins again and has two more amazing little boys. At about 8 months of age, they discovered that their son, Ethan, has a chromosome deletion and is severely handicapped. They have dealt with numerous surgeries and doctor visits, trying to give him the best care possible. My sister has gone through all of this and become a stronger woman. Ethan inspired her to start nursing school. She is working to get her RN after being the primary caregiver for Ethan. She is juggling school, caring for her children, and taking care of her home. She inspires me on a daily basis. She often forgets to take care of herself or simply does not have the time. I would love for my sister to feel as special and as beautiful as she is.

*Nikki Cordell-Miller....

Let me first start by saying that this is a wonderful thing that you are doing! All women should feel beautiful – though we always either 1-don’t…or 2-don’t have time to put in the effort because of other things going on in our lives. This is a great gift that you are giving & I know that the lucky lady who is chosen will be very well deserving!I would like to nominate someone. Her name is Nikki Cordell-Miller. I reconnect with her on Facebook after talking to my step-father (her Grandpa). He tells me that she is married, and has a daughter of her own now. But, she has a disability and has made it her full time job to stay with her. Tracy….I was totally amazed at the woman that Nikki has become. Truly blown away! She has a beautiful 5 yr old little girl named Leah. Leah was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). From the reading that I’ve done…and from what my step-father has told me-many of these children don’t live past the age of 2. Nikki has made it her full-time job to stay at home & care for Leah. I’m sure that this is a struggle emotionally, physically & financially. But I have to tell you…you would never get that from her FB messages! Everyday is a gift!! You should see all the pictures that she has of Leah! She documents EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!! Her hair is always done & she wears the prettiest clothes & usually has ribbons & bows in her long dark hair. This child is always smiling. So, in closing I guess I want to say that this is a woman that I have not seen in over 20 yrs…that I’ve reconnected with via the Internet & have grown to admire very deeply! I can’t imagine the strength that it takes to do what she does day in & day out. You talk about beauty inside & out – you are referring to Nikki. Please take a moment & look at Leah’s website. If you click on ‘My Story’, it gives personal info about what the family has done. The entire website is SUPER!! They love this little girl and are fighting daily for her. Here is the link:

Hi Julie,

I would like to give you a $250 gift certificate that you can use toward any type of photo session you would like. You truly do represent what it is like to be beautiful inside and out.

Nikki:) This seems like a very appropriate gift for you...

Mommy & Me Photo Shoot
-1 hour session at your home or a location of our choosing, digital retouching on images, and an online web gallery for viewing and ordering photos, along with a beautiful little book of images that you can carry in your purse.

And last but not least there are a few more stories that I adore and would like to offer them $100 off a Blush Session.

-Mrs. Sommers, your sister wrote the most beautiful letter nominating you.

{ her husband Jeff has orders to deploy yet again back to Afghanistan. Their kids are a little older now and when their daddy is gone it hits them so hard. My niece recently drew a picture for her daddy while he was gone TDY for two weeks & it read "Dear daddy, I know you miss me so much. I miss you to. Love, Allison" My sister is basically a single mother to a 7 year old, 5 year old and 2 year old. She is also putting herself through school full time. I honestly don't know how she does it! She is all alone when he is gone, but manages to continually keep their family together. She is an amazing mother, loving sister & my absolute best friend.}

-Julia O'Conner Branham your daughter wrote us such a heartfelt letter, here is just a little bit of what she had to say...

{My mother has taught me that when you set your mind to something... anything is possible. Life has thrown many obstacles at my mother. She is the strongest woman I know. She has proved to me that no matter what life throws at you... The sun will rise and set tomorrow.}

-Stephanie Stueve
{it doesn't bother me that my hair needs dyed, I can't get off the last 10 lbs of baby weight, and that I haven't shopped for myself in 5 years! When I am with my husband, and two beautiful girls, I FEEL beautiful! I would much rather give up a million things for me and give them to each one of them. I love being a mother and I love spending time with them. I am a BEAUTIFUL mother, even if I don't always look it.}