Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Because....

I have not posted an engagement slideshow in years so this is just reason...just felt like it...

The Next Thing...

I'm always a little reluctant about posting personal things on my blog but I must say I'm so glad I shared "the next thing". Today I received another wonderful email about this post and she is allowing me to share. Thank you Ginette.

Hi Tracy!
I was just reading your blog and wow! Talk about timing… Thanks for the message about “the next thing”. I definitely think it is something that as women we can all relate to (especially those just married ;o). I needed to hear that message again.

Over a year ago Jason and I were planning our wedding. We were excited to be planning a wedding in our favorite city, Chicago and to share it with all of our friends. Then life took a turn…I had a fire at my townhouse. I lost so much (my beloved dog was the worst). But I was happy Nick and I were safe. Life showed me what was important. We were blessed to have supportive family and friends to help. We rebuilt our life, got a new house with Jason and began planning a new wedding. This time we decided in town and smaller.

Again we felt blessed….we had a gorgeous day, loving friends & relatives, and great vendors (like an awesome photographer ;o) around us. After an even better honeymoon we have come back to “regular life” and the daily grind. As I have sat at my desk this week trying to get back in work mode, I felt a bit sad. I realized it was because all of the planning was over. Everything was done. I didn’t have my “next thing” to look forward to or obsess about…ha!

Then I saw your blog and got really choked up…my next thing is right now. The next breath, smile, hug, and joy are to be had right now. Life is good and I am blessed. So thanks again! You are such a wonderful person.