Friday, November 28, 2008

{Evening with an ADORABLE Family}

I recently payed a visit to the H family home. As always I walking away thinking that this must be the most adorable family on the planet. Note* Parents that roast marshmallows in the dinning room fireplace with their children rate pretty darn high in my book!

Daddy's home!

Meet Polly. Isn't she a doll!

Very serious gingerbread decorating...

Santa's coming to town...

Wishing all...

my clients, friends & family a happy Thanksgiving.

This year we decided to just stay home and enjoy the day cooking, playing games etc... Things have been so busy the last few months, this was a rarely opportunity to spend special time together.

*I made my first turkey and it turned out so tender and juicy...I'm still in shock to be honest with you. Thankfully this sweet elderly lady asked me if I needed help when I was at Kroger's picking out the turkey. She told me to rub sea salt and olive oil all over the turkey, stuff butter inside the skin, season with salt, pepper and garlic powder. I wish I could find her and give her a big hug;)
* Watched my all time favorite girlie-love movie (return to me). I cry every time...

*Payton and I woke up at 4:00am to go shopping. Over the years I've been asked to go shopping on black Friday and I would always reply..."no-way I'm never doing that" Never say never;) We got almost all our shopping done and we had a blast.

*On a personal level. I have so much to be thankful have the love of my children and to have experienced the absolute love without boundaries that goes with being a mom. I have never known love like theirs. I'm thankful for the love my husband and I have. We have a love that's like lasagna. Do you know how lasagna often taste better the next day because the seasonings have had a chance to be absorbed, the flavors have blended?? That's us. Tried and tested, we choose one another every single day. When I feel blue, he has a way of making me happy. When I am stressed, he rubs my back. When I am sad, he opens his arms to me. When I laugh, he laughs with me.

*I am thankful every day for all of the love that I have been given from all of the people who have walked into or through my life. I have friends that have became my family. My favorite kind...chosen family:)

* Professionally, I'm thankful that I do what I LOVE as my career. I work many long hours, weekends and have a never ending to-do-list, although exhausting and challenging, it is one of the most rewarding experience and it has enriched my life. A very special " Thank You" to all my wonderful clients for trusting me with your memories.

*I am also thankful for having been blessed with finding tremendous mentors & friends throughout my career. I’d be nowhere without them.

Wow...I just rambled big time. I would love to hear your comments on what experience you are thankful for.

Time to go put up the Christmas tree!!! Cheers ~Tracy