Friday, February 08, 2008

Great Time In Nashville, TN!!!!

My friend Tara and I just returned home from a wonderful trip to TN. I have to give a special thanks to the Mckibben & Colkmire family's for making us feel so welcome!

Another HUGE thank you to Mary & Justin guys have inspired me beyond what I could ever have imagined. Because for your willingness to share I feel like my business is headed to the next level & for that I can never thank you enough!!!
It's easy to see why everyone adores you both.

Look how cute Amber's shirt is!

Beautiful Malia...

Brie....your beyond adorable! Thanks for being our model I'm sure you sleep good last night! Rats in the ally-- running across the street 10 tens so that we could get the perfect shot;)

Steak and eggs???

Attention all grooms...