Friday, May 29, 2009

Megan & Greg's Wedding

Hello my faithful blog readers. Sorry for the lack of post the last two months. I'm back:) Next week I will be posting Sarah & Kevin and Missy & Jeremy. Thanks for hanging in there guys!!!
2009 will be a really good year for us. I can just feel it! While we try hard to improve our craft and run a honest business, we attribute a huge part of our success to our past clients who have willingly referred us to a good number of our 2009 clients. Specail thanks to Nina & guys are awesome! Thanks for all your wonderful referals. Great seeing you at the wedding Sunday. Vlad I have some funny images of you dancing:)
Megan, Greg and all their wonderful friends and family I want to say thanks for such a wonderful experience. You guys were awesome to work with and we're so excited for you to see the rest of the photos. For now here are just a few...

Megan looked amazing! She was definitely glowing...



meg2 awwww....

I adore this image so much. A mother and son moment, I was just lucky enough to be right there...
Yea they made my job pretty easy...



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