Saturday, September 04, 2010

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Hello my Blog friends. I know...I know I've been awful at blogging lately. So if you don't following me on facebook you may not know this.... August 20th I was rushing down our steps had a run in with the hand weights left at the end of the steps:( Long story short I stepped on a weight-fell down the steps and was rushed her to Miami Valley where I was diagnosed with 3 fractures in my right foot. Today marks 2 weeks of 6 weeks wearing a non-weight bearing cast. I rescheduled allot of my shoots but somethings can not be rescheduled. I've always wondered what if something were to happened to me the day before or day of a wedding...I found out! I'm very proud to say that a few of my friends in the business really stepped forward and helped me out and for this I'm forever grateful. Although I know i have amazing help it's still me...picturesbytracy they hired so I have not missed a wedding or or important must do now session. It's been challenging I'm not going to lie...I've endured pain & depression over the last two weeks but somehow found the strength to keep working and pushing forward. The difficult times are often the best teachers, and there is good to be found in all situations I know.




Words cannot express how thankful I am for you Mandy. I know your probably getting tired of hearing it but you are amazing and I can not thank you enough! I hope what you did for me comes back 10 folds.

mandi love

Katie and Paul, thank you both for your love and understanding. All that I could focus on when I got hurt was that I had your wedding the next day. I'm so glad everything worked out. Katie your sweet kind voice telling me that everything would be OK and not to worry "tears" was all that I needed to hear at that moment.


My beautiful Tori, you always have my back! I adore you and I'm so thankful you were dropped into my life a few years ago. I love you like a daughter. xoxo


Casey & Ted- PicturesbyTracy

I'm very pleased with this engagement shoot I photographed last a wheelchair I might add;) Thank you Ted and Casey for being so amazing I cannot wait for your wedding next week! Also a HUGE thanks to my awesome husband Lee for all your help. xo