Monday, April 28, 2008

Ashley & Aaron's engagement

A little sneak peak for now from the engagement shoot....

Quick Post...

They were calling for rain all week for Friday and I was praying they would be wrong! I had a beautiful outdoor wedding with the most amazingly sweet couple. Congrats Hannah & Mike!!! You guys made my year....I love ya! ~Tracy {Sneak peek coming soon}

Hannah's veil blew off about a dozen times so I wore it for awhile....

btw...I just noticed that I'm in desperate need of a tan

Coming soon... Amanda & Jason's Album Design, Ashley & Arron's e-pics and Hannah & Mikes wedding:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I really need to get to bed and get some rest for my wedding tomorrow but I just had to post a few quick images from our trip. We had such a great time!!! The adorable Mary & Justin....

Beth & Nick... Isn't she gorgeous!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spread The Love Workshop

I'm headed to Chicago for the Spread The Love Workshop with the super cool Mary & Justin & Sarah Barlow....I seriously can't wait for this trip. The best part is I'll be hanging with some of my dearest photog friends in the whole world Tine, Carmen & our little Brad:) I post pictures later in the week.

Sneak Peek/ Joetta & Justin

Congratulations Joetta & Justin!!!! I LOVED working with you and your friends & family. Thank you all for making me feel like part of your family.
Thanks so much
Melissa for assisting me:) You did a fabulous job and I enjoyed your company.

You just know it's going to be a fun day when you show up and see these....
Yup that's right chocolate brown and teal polka dot shoes:)

Yummy bly sky...

Thanks for this picture Melissa!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I've received several emails this week from wonderful people thanking me for giving them encouragement and inspiration. Makes my heart smile to know that I've inspired someone...Melissa you made me teary eyed with your email. I'm so busy but I do try to take time to help others when I can.

OK I have a little story....When I was just getting my business started I emailed another photographer and expressed that I loved her work and asked if she had any advice for me...well that ended badly. She was rude and basically told me I sucked and would never amount to anything. Yes, Very sad woman. Would I like to email her back today? Na... her bad karma will come back to bit her in the Anyways I swallowed my pride & wiped my tears and moved on and thought to myself {I'll never ever treat anyone like that}. It took me along time to ever even think about approaching another photographer but a few years later I meet my wonderful friend Tine & she has become such a huge inspiration and friend. Love ya T! I'm rambling but I just wanted to post this to say thank you for your emails and I'm happy if I've helped you in any way. I'd also like to thank the people who help inspire me everyday. send out good things in life, eventually good things come back to you, maybe in a different form, be it comes back. Same with bad things you do to others as well. It all comes back to you somehow.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mother & Daughter

The new girls in town...

Meet Amy & Anne

I completely fell in love with this sweet child. It's easy 2-c-y.
One hot mama....

Monday, April 07, 2008

i'm a new soul

Loved this song ever since heard it on the Mac Air ad. Happy Monday guys!

sweet and beautiful


End of the night self portrait...


Sarah & Sean's Wedding

Sean & Sarah are a sweet couple who truly seem perfect for each other. The weather was absolutely gorgeous & Cox's Arboretum served as a beautiful backdrop. Their officiant a close friend the couple offered a very touching ceremony, mixing elements from different faiths into a unique celebration. A great time was had by all, including us:) Thanks, you guys! It was awesome!!!
Love the way Sarah is looking at Sean here...
Passionate couple... make my job so easy

Here I am in action;) Love this shot! Thanks goes out to my assistant Misty for this fun image:)
Seriously cool group of people

Flowers: Flowerman

Cake: ele {formally Taste Of Elegance}