Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tonight At The Studio

Nina dropped by for her canvas wrap and my little man Skyler entertained us with... Santa's Coming to Town.

OK... Skyler's song must have been inspirational because Santa did not only come to town he stopped by the studio;) Santa is actually my friend Carol's father and if you ask me might be the real deal... There is not enough that I can say about Carol and her husband Jerry.. Since the day that we signed the lease for the studio they were both by our side helping put up walls, running wire, painting, and for the arduous task of cleaning up...

THANKS GUYS... Merry Christmas guys and THANK YOU SO MUCH...

Sky & Santa

Sky's fake smile...

PS.. Santa I've been a good girl this year so how about a Lexus in the drive way?

O'ya and the 85 1.2 Lens:)

Please and thank you ~Tracy