Thursday, May 21, 2009

Laura & Tim's Wedding

Yes I know I've been a bad blogger. A total blog slacker...yea that's me. I know it's bad when my friends start emailing and calling me giving me grief for it! :0) Love you guys! I've been so busy with recovering from my yucky wisdom teeth surgery & personal things that I honestly haven't had the time. I won't bore with the gory boring details of exactly what's been keeping me busy;) Instead I'm going to show you the most amazing wedding I photographed several Saturday's ago.

I met Laura & Tim last year while I was shooting their friends wedding (Anna & Mike). Laura is a beautiful sweet girl and Tim is so funny and defiantly the life of the party. I knew right away I wanted (no) must shoot their wedding some day!!!

You could just not have asked for a more beautiful day (or bride) for a wedding! I absolutely loved every single thing about this day. Their wedding was full of giant smiles, laughter, toast that had the crowd in hysterics, and tons of happy people dancing the night away. I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to capture their perfect day!

Thank you Beth my worlds happiest bride from DC for helping me out! Also my sweetheart of an assistant you girls!

OK that's enough chatting, I've got some real eye candy coming your way....

details picturesbytracy


getting ready



so cute




love this


pink flower trees   picturesbytracy

love this couple picturesbytracy

blue sky

laura  picturesbytracy

fun wedding party

tim and mom