Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Branding & Logo

Working on branding & new logo with the help of a former Tracy bride, Andrea DePompei:) Andrea thank you for all your hard work, they are all so beautiful it's been hard to narrow down. Please help me choose! I need a favor from all my blog readers:) Please leave a comment or shoot me an email email@picturesbytracy.com with your favorite logo. Thanks guys!!!

{added Feb. 13th}
Thanks for all the emails & blog comments. This is hard so I really love the feed back. I keep going back to the brown and pink berry logo so I played with it a little and came up with this...

And a logo for my new Blush Boudoir {coming soon}

Do you need help with your company logo? Andrea is a talented graphic designer and would love to hear from you!!! adepompei@gmail.com


Melissa said...

Hey Tracy, I like the third one down. It's really cute!

HotTaMolly2405 said...

I too like the third one best!

Jeff Schaefer said...

Add another vote for #3.
#1 is my second choice.
In #2, the dot is cluttered, and at first glance it looks like it says "picture racy".
The graphic in #4 & #5 seems seperate from the company name. A little better integrated in #4, but I definetly like the dot ones better.

Good job.

Dave said...

#1 fo sho

PicturesByTracy.com said...

Thanks guys! What do you think of the new one I added?

p.s. Jeff you need a blog:) Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Marantz said...

whoa!! this is really hard! she did SUCH a great job! I'm gonna go with #2 as my favorite....I really like #3 too but I think the overlap in 2 gives the logo a depth that jumps off the page more. Plus, I think you can have more fun with it when you're using it on gifts & such with the multiple layers.