Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Quick Note...

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OK a quick update. My emails are still not coming through and Bluehost is telling us that we may lose all our emails from this this week:( I'm so upset. If you read this and have emailed me this week please give me a call or email me at my Gmail account.. picturesbytracy@gmail.com

It would be wrong to post without a picture...

Rachel & Isaac

I know that your excited to see your sneak peek:)

This was such an amazing couple and one of the most touching weddings I've ever witnessed. Rachel & Isaac released two doves after the ceremony in memory of Rachel's mom and Isaac's dad...it's was beautiful. This wedding day was full of tears, laughter and good times.

Thank you two from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to capture your day! I wish you a life time of happiness!

Love, Tracy
Now for the best part!!! Enjoy your slideshow....