Thursday, September 24, 2009


just need to talk....

I can't begin to tell you all how lucky I feel to have so many people trust me with their memories. Also I have some of the most amazing and thoughtful clients I could dream of having. As wonderful and rewarding as this all is there are times when I feel overwhelmed. Last night I tossed and turned all night...worrying about my never ending too do list. For the most part I don't stress too much about it and stay focused but lately it's getting to me. I understand my clients are all excited to see the end result of their session, wedding, album etc... There is so much more beyond a click of the shutter. I constantly strive for perfection. Each and every image is edited and tweaked until it's just what I want. Often I will work from morning until late in the night editing, trying my best to keep up. It's takes hours and hours for every session; and I love doing it.! However I'm a one man show (so to speak) and I work as fast and hard as humanly possible. I've made a decision to cut back on the number of clients I take. Next year I will only be shooting one wedding per month so dates are very limited. However I have so many amazing photog friend in the industry & will be more than happy to give referrals.

Back to my amazing clients. Today I received the sweetest little green & white polka dotted package. Katie and Charlie Happy Anniversary and you have no idea how much this sweet little package means to me and what perfect timing. Hope things are going well. I want to hear all about the show. Thank you...thank you for the sweet letter and yummy zzang bars. You guys are the best!

So thoughtful guys:) These Zzang bars are the yummiest...most wonderful... melt in your mouth candy bars you ever tasted in your life! (warning: highly dangerous.)

package from katie

thanks for listening my blog friends...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something Lovely: PicturesbyTracy

It's always so nice when someone takes the time to send you a little thank you card. I recently received the sweetest expression of thanks from Taylor. This handmade card is so specail to me. Thank you Taylor I LOVE IT!!!




Vicki & Roy {Engaged!}

A few weeks ago I met up with Vicki and Roy to shoot their engagement session. We started off at the Dayton Art Institute and ended at the Yankee Trace Golf Club. The light was perfect for portraits outside. Nice and soft from the overcast sky:) I have no doubt that their wedding will be absolutely beautiful and that there will be plenty of laughter, love & joy to go around.

Some of my faves...





How cute are these two?! They are such sweet people, too.









It was so great hanging out with you guys & getting to know you both a little better . It's easy to see what a wonderful relationship you have. Congratulations to you both on this upcoming journey!

Also I wanted to tell you all that Vicki is a Graphic Designer and a budding photographer. Checkout her work here...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tori- Senior PicturesbyTracy

Tori was one of one of my easiest sessions ever. She and her family were so sweet and welcoming. I already posted these on FB but I wanted to have a few on my blog too. Thanks for a great evening!








Gaydosh Family

You guys ROCK! Thanks for another amazing session. I'm just going to post a few here on my blog the full sneak peek is on facebook:)

picturesbytracy (3)

picturesbytracy (9)

picturesbytracy (17)

picturesbytracy (10)

picturesbytracy (8)

picturesbytracy (16)

picturesbytracy (7)

picturesbytracy (6)

Missy & Jeremy: The Knot Ohio

Missy and Jeremy Briggs will be featured in our 2010 Spring Summer issue of The Knot Ohio!

Congrats guys:)

missy and jer congrats

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missy & Jeremy's Wedding Slideshow

I'm so excited to share your slideshow! Looking forward to dinner and drinks shortly:~)
Drumroll please.......

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Some of my faves, make sure you scroll down to see all of them!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Zzang Bars...

Big shout out and hardy Congratulations to Katie & Charlie!
Lee and I are still talking about Charlie's awsome candy bars:)


Email from Katie...

We've got good news on the candy bar front - Zzang bars are going to be featured as the snack of the day on Rachel Ray Show this Thur. September 10th! (this is her day time talk show - ours is shown on NBC

Love the vintage packaging...

zzang Bar