Friday, October 17, 2008

Deborah- Senior 2009

I do every few senior portrait sessions these days because I'm so busy with weddings. I really enjoy when I do shoot them and this one was particularly special because I have know Deborah since she was just little girl.

She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

Sheri it was wonderful seeing you again. One more senior to go;)

Melissa I'm so glad you came along, as always I adore hanging out with you! I hope that I was able to teach you a few new things.

Victoria...both of the kids thought that these pictures of Deborah looks like you. Now that I think about she could easily pass as your sister!


SharonElaine Photography said...

hehe, I know where you took those :D I love seeing your take on the boat and the "blue door" Awesome job!!!

Melissa said...

Tracy, they are so good and so very you lol! Isn't it funny how we can be at the same session at the exact same time and you still find a way to Tracyify lol! I'm so jealous
Oh and the boat one with the light in the trees is so great! Like I said, had a blast and love you bunches!

La Vita Photo said...

hmmm lol She probably could =)
I guess we'll have to see when you do my senior pictures A few years down the road... lol Can you? haha as long as I can still afford you!

michellemckibbenphotography said...

She is adorable! Don't you just love doing seniors?! Such a nice break in the midst of so many weddings. By the way, thank you so much for the pink bus! They ended up being my favorite pics of Jamie's whole session. I can't wait to post them.