Thursday, September 06, 2007

Late Night Blogging=)

Everyone is getting on me about not blogging My mom claims that reading my blog is the only way she knows what is going on in my life. Not true...we talk almost everyday. Anyways I saw my friend Shell posted this kick ass (sorry for cussing mom) video on her blog so I had to share too. John Mayor is such a crazy talent! See post below.

My favorite image of the week....

BW or color?


Melissa said...

YEAH! Tracy is bloggin again. lol
Anyway you know I love your black and whites so that's my vote! said...

LOL! Girl what are you doing up so late? It's 2:00AM. I should talk;) What a great time today...thanks for coming along. I was just looking thru the images and I can't wait to post some.

Ok I must get to bed I've gotta get up at 8:00AM.

~Tracy said...

Tracy -

I like the B/W one better! =)

Hope you and your family are doing great!

- Camille said...

I agree Camille! The BW 4-sure.