Monday, May 04, 2009

Conest: Cigars and Customized Box for your Groom!

I'm passing this along from my friends at Ullure Event Planning

Attention Brides: Want to give your hubby-to-be the perfect wedding day gift? (No, wedding gifts are NOT only for the bride....) Then sign up to win this awesome Boss Box from Coastal Cigars! See below for details on how to enter.

Boss Box DescriptionThe 'Boss Box' is great gift for any cigar lover. You can get the name of the Groom put right on the box! The box comes ready for consumption, but Coastal Cigars wants the gift to be your box. Their in-house experts will assist you in choosing the proper cigar for your needs, whether its premium, super-premium or private label. Each wooden 'Boss Box' has two separate compartments. One compartment is designed to hold four cigars, matches and a cigar cutter. The opposite compartment is designed to hold your choice of a mini bottle, poker chips or Nike golf balls.

Coastal Cigars is a non-traditional cigar company out of Charleston, SC. By defying the norm, Coastal Cigars is able to provide you with unique and customized service. One of the services that they offer is on-site rollings and tastings for special events. They can also provide gift sets (like you see above) that are perfect for grooms gifts. For more information on how they can make your next event truly unique go to their website at

To enter the contest leave a comment with the following information:
1. Name
2. Email address
3. Date of your wedding
4. And lastly, why your Groom deserves this Boss Box. Did you torture him with details during the planning process? Are you Scottish and making him wear a kilt just to appease your grandparents? Is your ex-boyfriend coming to the wedding? We want interesting stories on why your hubby-to-be needs a good smoke.

The top 5 stories chosen by Coastal Cigars and Allure Event Consulting will be put into a contest for your fellow bloggers to chose the winner.
The top 5 will be announced on Friday, May 15th.
If you are unable to leave a comment, you can email your story to Good Luck!


Allure Event Consulting said...

Thanks, Tracy!

Anonymous said...

My Name: Anne
e mail:
wedding date: 6.6.09

and why does my future husband deserve a good smoke? Well... when we first talked about getting engaged I uttered these words "seriously babe, all you'll have to do is show up" ha. ha ha ha ha. He was so kind to remind me of this as I was writing "Dance lessons 9:00PM on the calendar" Oh yeah, and I decided it would be a brilliant idea to make our own EDIBLE invitations....he didn't get out of that either. 12 hours in the kitchen and 18 pounds of buttercream icing later we were done and he was allowed to take a break. If I trusted him to tie a decent bow he would have been stuck with the packaging process too... lucky for him he's a guy's guy. At least he didn't have to take them all to the post office- I mean, I'm not a COMPLETE slave driver!

ohana photographers said...

pure awesome! our couple we just shot in the virgin island's loooove cigars. this would've been cool!