Friday, January 23, 2009

Love Song: First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes

Happy Friday my blog friends! I've been busy shooting b-pics and catching up on album designing. Another fun thing is all the emails and phone calls from past wedding clients telling me that they are expecting!! How exciting:) Yeah....I'm going to have lots of maternity and newborns to post soon. In Feb. I'm photographing a beautiful-red head- baby girl.... you know I have a soft spot for red heads:) Hope your all doing well.

How about a Friday love song!? Not sure if you all have heard it before but it's so sweet. It's one of my favorites...


Anonymous said...

OMG I totally put this song on Clints think of me when youre lonely CD...too funny.

Stacey Luttenegger said...

This was our first dance song! Love love love it!!!!

Stacey & Kevin Luttenegger