Saturday, June 14, 2008

A post for Allure:)

Tasha your funny girl! Stay on me...I know I've been a bad blogger this week! OK this post is for you!

As you know a couple of weeks ago I took your aunt Tara's family pics. Well I had them write down something that described each person and sweet little Emma's said {In Trouble}...hahhaha perfect, right? Saxanee told her it said in style so she was proud as a peacock when it was her turn to have pictures taken with her sign.

Check out Tasha's blog for great wedding ideas... Allure Event Consulting

Lots of great post coming soon!!

Tara's wild and crazy family slideshow:)

Anna & Mike wedding's (off the hook)

BJ & Jess family (past wedding couple with their adorable baby boy)

Monica & Dustin's super fab engagement session

and my wedding from yesterday O-SO HOTT but we got some amazing pictures to share


michellemckibbenphotography said...

Yay! I've been so excited to see more pics! This cracks me up!! Too cute! And, way too true!! I love them. I can't wait to see more!! It makes me want to cry. I miss them so much :(

Allure Event Consulting said...

Haha!!!! That is TOO funny but SOO true! That girl is always getting into something :)

Thanks for posting....I check every day! :)

I look forward to seeing all the other great projects that you've got going on!