Friday, June 20, 2008

Bj, Jess & Noah

I love when I get the opportunity to photograph a past wedding couple and their new baby.

Noah is beyond adorable (as you can see)
i know...i know...i have a slight feet obsession

Look at his little Bass Pro Shop hat!

Hello blue eyes...

Guys thank you for the gift & card, that was so thoughtful!


Noell Jackson said...

Noah is absolutely a ham!

Leah Barton said...

Thanks Tracy for capturing the wonderful spirit of The Reed Family, Noah is the bright light in our lives and it shows in your work. I can't stop sharing the photo's with everyone I know and the question always asked is "who is this photographer?"

Anonymous said...

What an adorable family, and that Noah is a STAR! Tracy, you are officially our family glad Jessica and BJ introduced us all to you at their wedding! I still need to pick Logan's package photos! I'll call you soon.