Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Gang....

A few head shots from our Chicago trip. I got these from the blog of the amazing young talent Abigail .

Carmen, Brad (ladies he is single and & Me:)


abigail smith said...

Tracy! I loved getting to meet you and all the Ohio gang you brought with you! You are so very sweet and your photography is beautiful! Keep in touch! I'll send you a couple more of the photos I took of you that turned out great!

God Bless!
~Abby said...

Thank you Abigail! When I first saw you in Chicago I thought for sure you was going to be one of or model's....after seeing Shyla's blog I KNOW you should be a model! Wow girl you are not only a talented photographer but amazing in front of the camera!!! Hope to cross paths again someday. ~Tracy