Sunday, March 09, 2008

Popcorn Buffet

There has been a huge craze for candy buffets but has anyone consider an alternative? I introduce you a flavored popcorn buffet… a.k.a. the new candy buffet.

Image: The Knot, Apothecary Jars : English Creek Gardens, Ikea

What is great about this favor idea… is that it gives your guests the option to mix and match their favorite flavors for a mouthful full of taste. Personalize each glass container with a ribbon and tag with the featured popcorn written either by hand or using a computer font that matches the rest of your stationey. This is an idea that is unique and will definetly make your guest talk!


Monica said...

What a cool new idea! Did you see this at any weddings yet? said...

Hi Monica!

We need to set up your e-session:)

I've seen the candy bar but not the popcorn. One couple used more of the old country glass jar w/lids and made the labels out of black paper and wrote with chalk. It was super cute. Are you thinking about doing the popcorn buffet? ~T