Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Live Foever

I found this on my friends blog today and it made my heart smile:)


SharonElaine Photography said...

Gotta love Kodak! LOL

Nina said...

So cute! I will pass this onto Vlad as he works at Kodak. Thanks!

PicturesByTracy.com said...

I know you love Kodak Sharon:)

Nina! OMG why did I not know this? This video makes me teary eyed each time I watch it.

michellemckibbenphotography said...

I LOVE, LOVE this video! I've watched it twice now. Why does it make me want to cry?? It really makes me think about how important our job is. And that these images we capture are like little treasures that will one day be shared with our clients' children and grandchildren. I had never looked at it that way before. Pretty humbling.

PicturesByTracy.com said...


I know it gets me everytime too. I've watched it about a dozen times. I love the old man looking at the picture of his wife...makes my heart skip a beat.

BTW I love my Shappy chic candle lamp thingy:) What a great find! I need to find one of those Home Stores around here. I'm still wishing I would have gotten that blue screen.

michellemckibbenphotography said...

I'm on my way out to the homestore right now. Anything you want me to keep my eye out for? If so, call me.

I know about the old man. That's the part that makes me want to cry.