Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

38 tomorrow.... Yipes. Does that mean I have to act wiser or more mature? I certainly hope not!

Forgive me for drawing such attention to myself but I'm just excited about my birthday. Not turning older...I am trying to except that;) What I'm really celebrating is a year full of love ones, photography, blogging, reconnecting with old friends {that's you Amy} - and all the wonderful things that have came my way in just a short year. Life is sweet...although sometimes I I am remembering.

My hubby has made plans for us to go out of town tomorrow for my b-day....drinks, dinner, couple message, a little gambling {we are to cheep so I say a little}, no kids, nice hotel...well Happy Birthday to me!!! I'm ready to celebrate. I have been working so many crazy long hours none stop for months so I need this now more than ever. Love you are my best friend on this planet.

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