Monday, January 28, 2008

Kind Words

Thank you so much!

Dear Tracy and Michelle-

First of all, let me say that you two are some of the most talented people I have ever come across. Michelle; your makeup made me both look and feel beautiful! Although we had some problems with my horrifying static-cling hair, I could NOT have been happier with the results!

Tracy; I am so grateful to you for making this experience as amazing as it really was. I'm normally very shy (as if you couldn't tell!) about this kind of thing and you made me feel like I am allowed to be comfortable in my own skin. I have grown a renewed sense of self-confidence as a result of these pictures, and I know Josh will LOVE them. Boudoir pictures are something that both he and I would never expect me to do, and I am so proud to be able to show Josh what I've been keeping from him! He asks me about every other day what I'm getting him as a wedding present, and why I had to drive 3 hours to get it. He'll just have to wait ;-) Thank you again Michelle and Tracy for making me look beautiful and helping me to bring out my inner sexy self!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy!!

I just have to say that my boudoir sessions was one of funnest things I have EVER done. You made me feel like a totally hot supermodel! The pictures turned out AMAZING...Chris was very happy! I think he will never look at me the same way again when I wear my little Bears jersey! I had no idea that I could be sexy like that so thanks so much for showing me that! I tell everyone I know how awesome you are and when I tell them about the boudoir shoot the first thing they say is "Isn't that wierd?" The only thing that I can say is that you make it so fun and comfortable that I forget that I am half naked!!!!

I completely recommend this to EVERY bride, girlfried, or just for yourself!!