Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Wedding of Anna & Andrew

What a wonderful wedding day! Anna was so cute...the smile never left her face all day long. The wedding was in the backyard of Andrew's sweet grandparents home. Helen...your yard is like something out of a movie...just beautiful!

A few favorite things:
*Anna wore cowboy boots under her dress:0)
*Her brother in -law told me I was just having way too much fun! "I'll take that as a"
*Family played amazing music during the ceremony
*Anna's open mouth smile...very child adorable

* Andrew's dimples!
* To my surprise I'm looking thru my lens and see my very-very favorite teacher!!! Mrs. Karen I love ya! Thanks for making a difference in my life. Your such a doll and it was great seeing you.

*good people, loving & friendly

View slide show below=)


Jayson Chambers said...

Its true... you do have way too much fun at your job!
The Brother-In-Law

Melissa said...

TRACY! These are so beautiful! I keep coming back to watch the slide show. =) I just love your weddings

Anonymous said...

WOW! I just LOVE the last one in the field with her veil!