Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A wedding day I'll never forget!

Congratulation to Greta & Paul, who celebrated their wedding with friends and family this past Saturday at the beautiful Ault Park in Cincinnati. They opted to enjoy a private moment before the ceremony to enjoy each others company during a photo session in the gardens. Following their session we met with family and the wedding party to finished a few shots prior to the wedding.. As luck would have it our perfect weather turned to total down poor just as we finished the last of the pictures. Fortunately I had my umbrella close at hand to give to Greta and her friends stood around her keeping her totally dry. Misty and I took shelter under some large elephant leafs... doing our best to keep all my camera equipment safe and dry!!! My hubby who DJ's and runs sound with StageMonster.com had just finished setting up the sound equipment for the ceremonial sound when the rain came pouring in. As you could imagine it was a bit chaotic for a few moments!!

I'm happy to report that despite the quick incoming weather and a minor time set back to relocate the chairs and sound equipment the ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. Greta and Paul's incredible upbeat attitudes truly made this day turn around to be a wonderful and memorable day. Also I would like to mention all the family and friends that was outside in the rain...you guys were all great and really helped in keeping spirits up.

Greta in her gorgeous wedding dress...
Total cuteness!
The moment Paul turned around to see Greta...

And another...
Just look at the soft sweet smiles on their faces...o'my gosh I love this one.

Playing with my new borders...
The girls...

Thanks to a bridesmaid for this hilarious image she took of Misty and I under the elephant leafs!!! We were soaked from head to toe! Also I might want to add that Misty is not with child she is with camera;) She had my 5D & 70-200 lens under her shirt! My two favorite tools that I could not live without! Thank you so much Misty!!! Also to Jessica for emailing this photo to me=)

As I've told many of my brides..... not everything is going to go perfect on your wedding day but it will be Perfectly Imperfect!!!

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