Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vandalia Butler Senior

Erin was so great to shoot! First we headed to my secret garden in Oakwood.... (it's not really mine but that's what I call it;) and next downtown Dayton for some more edgy cool images. Erin's mom, Diane , joined us for the session. Thanks for a wonderful evening ladies!!! Here are some of my favorites.

I think Erin looks so adorable here...

I'm completely in love with this red couch! It's not mine:( Thanks so much Tara for letting me use it again! Please....please....please....if anyone see's a couch like this for sale call me asap! 937.559.6146. I'm trying to find a small vintage couch, red or a green would be nice but not nessassary. I don't even care how much it cost I just want one. Of course my bargin shopper of a friend found this at a garge sale for only $15!!! If I did'nt love her so much I'd hate

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Melissa said...

These pictures are really good! And the do feel very edgy! Love it