Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Studio

Before & After Pictures:

A few random pictures from the party=)
Grand Opening Slideshow

This was by far one of the best nights of my life. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support.... I truly have the BEST friends, family, and clients! I love you all. Hopefully I will have a really cool video very soon to post. Thanks Dave and Mary for recording the evening!



Anonymous said...

Tracy studio looks fabulous, party looks great too. sorry, we couldn't make it. not up to it yet. best of luck with studio. i know you will do great. you are wonderful.

debbie hardman

tm photography said...

I can’t believe how cool it turned out, I had no idea you are such an interior decorator. Also, Lee…Lee…Lee!!!! Heads up to you, you amaze me every time. How can one person have so many talents! It looks fantastic, you went to a whole new level with this space:). Congratulations to the four of you, I know how hard you worked on it:)

Melissa said...

Tracy, I just adore the picture with your little boy standing next to the brick wall! He has his blanket and backpack, this is a true mother picture. We pack them up and take them with us in all our endeavors. Also I had such fun at the party! Although I checked out the slide show and it looks like I left before most of the fun began =( Oh well, I think we will have many chances in the future to celebrate together. Here's to hoping=) said...

Tina...thank you so-so much! Interior decorator? Hmmm... maybe I should change my profession? Yes we must give mad props to Lee, I could never have done all this without him.

Hey I like your new post! Hot coffee and soup...o'ya. How about the pumpkin spice candles=) Fall is the best. said...


Your such a sweetheart. Thank you for your kind words. The kids are very glad the studio is finished. Payton is already planning her "Studio" birthday party....stage, dressing room, pictures ect;) What girl would love to do that? lol. Ya the party went on until very late...we danced all night long=)It was such a great evening! said...

Hi Debbie,

Hope your feeling better everyday. I'm working on your gorgeous daughters wedding today. There are so many beautiful images. You know the BW/car one I posted on my blog?? Anyways I ordered that one in a canvas wrap for the studio! Can't wait to display it.

I'll keep you posted on the slideshow and gallery. I hate being so far behind:(