Tuesday, July 24, 2007

E-Session Ideas

Clothing: The main thing is to stay away from patterns. Solid colors are great because they’re a lot less distracting. Bright colours can be fun to play around with but make sure you bring a change of clothes with something a little more low key. So bring a change of clothes, or bring three! Bring something that’s super casual and bring something dressy to change things up. Also...fab shoes ladies!

Location: My couples are looking for something less traditional, more candid and fun to look back on. So let’s choose a location (or several) that can lend to that.

: I love this image for so many reasons #1 It has meaning-this is where he took her on their first date.

Props: Anytime you can bring something to the shoot that highlights your personalities is an added bonus. I would love your pictures to reflect who you are and what you enjoy.

*ideas: Simple as cool sunglasses, a blanket-bottle of wine-glasses, your pet, sweet car, motorcycle.... anything that would add to the photo shoot.

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