Sunday, February 20, 2011

PicturesbyTracy Dayton, Ohio: Kind Words

Good morning ladies,

I know you hear this from all of your clients..but WOW, what a fun experience yesterday was! Who knew a random Tuesday afternoon could be so much fun!!?? I kept thinking about it all evening..and the make, and working with you Tracy on the photos was just so much fun! Even if I never saw the photos..the whole PROCESS leading up to the photos is amazing...

I just wanted to say thanks..I am so glad I decided to "google" boudoir photography in Dayton last summer and found both of you. :-) You are both awesome and it was fun chit chatting with you. As you both know, sometimes women spend so much time taking care of everyone else, whether is is family obligations or at work, and it is so REFRESHING to go ahead and treat yourself now and then..I really needed it. On a side note, I know my husband will like the pics too. :-)

Thanks again!
Kristi :-)


Kristi wanted to do something a little more conservative & sweet, which is totally OK with us! Her pictures turned out amazing no thanks to Michelle Richardson ROCKIN the make-up and Kristi being her adorable fun loving self! I guess I didn't do too bad either...not to toot my own horn;) I had a great team to work with.



Makeup: Avogue Idea
Hair: PicturesbyTracy
Photography: Tracy Abston:)
Blush-Boudoir/ PicturesbyTracy

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